Joe Holt

Vintage Photography


My love for photography started when I got my first camera. It was a genuine Mickey Mouse camera that shot 110 cartridge film. That was over 45 years ago.

Fast forward to present day. I was teaching a short photography clinic Last Winter at my local high school. Most of the students had various forms of digital cameras but one student showed up with an old Pentax 35mm film camera. He had lots of questions about shooting film which challenged me to remember what I hadn't thought about in years. He inspired me to go home and dig out my old Minolta SRT 201. I ordered a new battery and about 10 rolls of B&W film. I also ordered a dark bag, a developing tank and some chemistry. The next thing I know, I'm shooting and developing black and white 35mm film and absolutely loving it.

When I stepped back into the world of film photography, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that film was not dead. In fact, just like vinyl records and polaroid cameras, film photography is making a come back. I decided to devote myself to film photography as an artform and so started on a journey that is inspiring me to build a darkroom, re-learn how to print photos and even how to make frames for my photography.

I got into shooting vintage and antique cameras completely by accident. I purchased an old Kodak No. 1A pocket camera on eBay on a whim for $20 shipped because it looked cool. I was amazed to learn that film could still be had for the 100 year old camera so I bought a roll of 120 film and gave it a try. While my first roll wasn't very remarkable, I was hooked on the deliberate process for shooting with the old camera. Feel free to explore this site to see my work and the cameras I use to achieve the look that only film can give. Thank you. Joe